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Fatal Error C0000034 installing Windows 7 SP1

I attempted installation of SP1 for Windows 7 on an Acer (Aspire Revo 3610) PC running 64-bit Windows 7. The PC runs as a home server and I started the install while remotely connected. Once it completed the install (with about 5 other Windows updates), I allowed it to reboot. I eventually noticed that it never came back up (I was unable to ping it) so I went to the console (my TV monitor) and it displayed no signal. The power light was on so I left it alone incase it was just a really long install. I actually installed...

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How I Upgraded my Tivo Premiere from 47 to 317 Hours

I posted over three years ago about my experiences in upgrading my HD Tivo (How I Upgraded my HD Tivo from 20 to 98 hours) and since then, I moved my family room HD Tivo to the bedroom and replaced it with a Tivo Premiere. Well, I started running low on space so it is upgrade time again. There are new tools to do the easy upgrade which I did yesterday. The upgrade took four hours of which three hours were waiting for the disk-to-disk copy to complete. Also, I recorded the project for YouTube. See details at...

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How I Redeemed a PayPal Plus Rewards Voucher

I signed up with a PayPal Plus MasterCard some time ago and started to accumulate some rewards points. When I went to investigate how to redeem my points, I found out there were some pretty unusual restrictions. Instead of buying an item from a catalog and applying the points, the PayPal credit card rewards is based on vouchers that may be redeemed during some site’s PayPal checkout process. There are three vouchers – $7 to be applied to shipping for 1000 points; $25 for an item for 2500 points and $100 for an item for 9500 points. Vouchers must...

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How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

Yesterday, there was a major computer room power outage at my company. All Internet connectivity was down. Even the phones were not working. Fortunately, our websites failed over to our business continuity site without a hiccup. However, everybody at their desks had nothing to do since even internal network connectivity was affected. My desktop computer is actually a laptop which I had configured to use my Blackberry as a tethered modem to allow Internet access when traveling. I plugged in my BB, started up the Desktop Manager, clicked the Start->Connect To->Blackberry Bold 9700 and was quickly connected to the...

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My Attempts to Get a Multistream Cablecard from Comcast for my Tivo Premiere

Unlike earlier Tivos, the Premiere requires a multistream cablecard called an M-Card.   My first chat asked if I could pick up an M-Card self-install kit and the operator said yes. I went to the Pompano office, stood in line an hour and the counter person said that was not true. She wrote up the initial order to send out the installer.   My second chat was to make sure the order had instructions to bring M-Cards and not charge me for the installation. The chat person said she added the info to the order.   The installer came last Wednesday with no M-Cards and...

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How I Blocked Spam Coming Into my Home Email Server

Some time ago, I blogged about setting up my home email server to support incoming email using the service (How I Solved Comcast's Block of my SMTP (Email) Port 25). Most of my incoming email is through the site but in this case, it is business-related email for my wife’s site, which is hosted by the same home server. The Webguild email was spam-filtered fairly effectively but the email coming in to Debsrealty via Rollernet was leaking lots of Canadian pharmacy and other spam. Lots of this spam is originating from some network of infected computers like the...

posted @ Sunday, March 21, 2010 12:00 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Personal ]

How I Dealt With an ave.exe Virus Infection

Ave.exe Removal Instructions If you have this ave.exe rogue anti-virus infection and are too anxious to read this posting, these are the removal steps that worked for me on Windows XP: ...

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How I fixed my slow Windows Server 2008 R2 laptop performance

Yesterday, my Windows Server 2008 R2 laptop was running extremely slow. Eventually, I figured out it was all video related – resizing windows, Snagit, even Outlook opening email. The Aero theme was enabled.   A Google search helped pinpoint it to the Hyper-V role I had recently added. The combination of Hyper-V (the virtualizaton software for Server 2008 R2) and Aero is the problem.   Switching off the Aero theme helped a lot but removing the Hyper-V role is the real answer for now.   I wanted Hyper-V to play around with a virtual image of Win Server +  Visual Studio 2010beta.   Links about this problem: ...

posted @ Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:00 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Personal ]

How I fixed my slow Gigabit network performance

My connection used to be fast when I first installed my TRENDnet TEW 672GR Wireless “N” Gigabit router. I have three computers that are connected using a wired GB connection. Things just seemed real slow when sending or receiving large files between the home server and my (or my wife’s) PC. For example, shutting down MS Money writes a backup to the server and this took several minutes. Copying a gigabyte .avi movie file would take a long time and copying a DVD would take hours. So I needed some metrics to get a baseline. I decided on Jperf (tutorial) which...

posted @ Wednesday, July 29, 2009 12:00 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Personal ]

How I Fixed the Windows Sidebar Netflix Gadget

The Netflix Now Showing gadget for the Windows Vista Sidebar is a useful little thing to display the DVDs you currently have checked out as well as a few of the upcoming DVDs you are to receive from the top of your Netflix queue. Sometimes, when my Windows Vista 64 Ultimate starts up and I log on, an error message pops up three times indicating Line 91: Error: 'xmlathome' is undefined: A search of Google showed several people had this error (which was an annoyance but did not prevent the gadget from working). I went to the author's site but there was...

posted @ Wednesday, November 26, 2008 12:00 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Personal ]

How I solved a Windows Update failure

I installed Windows XP SP2 on a Virtual PC drive and ran Windows Update. It wanted to immediately update to SP3 but the update failed so I downloaded SP3 and installed it manually. Then Windows Update wanted to do 18 more updates but they also failed. The error was: Problem: A problem on your computer is preventing updates from being downloaded or installed There was no error code number. I ran across a posting with a solution. I copied these statements into the clipboard and then pasted them into a command prompt window. A bunch of "Succeeded" popups displayed and I OK'd them....

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How I Solved Comcast's Block of my SMTP (Email) Port 25

I received an email from Comcast telling me that they are blocking my outgoing email: Dear Comcast Customer: ACTION REQUIRED: Comcast has determined that your computer(s) have been used to send unsolicited email ("spam"), which is generally an indicator of a virus. For your own protection and that of other Comcast customers, we have taken steps to prevent further transmission of spam from your computer(s). Comcast did provide information on configuring my email client to get it to work. It's not too difficult if you are simply sending email, however my setup is not normal. The fix is basically to modify the client...

posted @ Wednesday, May 21, 2008 12:00 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Personal ]

How I fixed my son's new laptop 160GB drive

My son bought a new 160GB SATA drive for his Dell laptop to replace the original 40GB drive. I used a USB adapter to connect the drive to the laptop and used Acronis V11 Home to clone the Dell drive to the new drive. After it completed the clone, I pulled out the old and installed the new and powered up. The drive started the boot and the Windows XP screen displayed and I thought we were home free! However, it blue-screened shortly after the Windows screen displayed. I booted to the setup bios and it showed the new drive as 40GB,...

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How I Became a PayPal Certified Developer

A few months ago, I attended a PayPal Developers Days conference in Miami. The seminar covered the various ways to integrate PayPal Pro into your web site to accept payments. The options included using Express Checkout which lets the user log on and choose a billing and shipping address and a method of payment; Direct Pay which allows a web site to accept credit cards cleared by PayPal without the customer having to have a PayPal account and Standard Checkout which redirects the customer to PayPal's site to log on and complete the payment. PayPal sends an IPN (Instant Payment...

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How I got Pinnacle to burn a DVD with audio

Using Pinnacle Studio 11 (actually to create a DVD and then burn (burn with Pinnacle or Nero), the resulting DVD had no sound. Google search on the problem did not turn up much on this problem that others have had. Some said the latest patch solved the problem but it did not for me. Pinnacle has a support article on this problem with no good solution. However, one of the posts I read pointed to IFOEdit as a fix. I did have good results with this technique. First, create the DVD as an image on the hard drive but don't...

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How I Enabled HTTP Compression on my IIS6 Windows Server 2003

IIS6 supports HTTP compression of the responses sent back to user's browsers but it needs to be enabled for this to be effective. Completely enabling compression is not obvious and if you think you are enabling compression by simply checking the  "Enable" checkboxes on the Internet Service Manager (ISM) you probably are in for a surprise. These are the steps I used to get compression working and verify that what I did actually worked. I used the steps described in this DotNetJunkies link as my starting point. To verify that compression is working as expected on your server, use to...

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How I replaced my garage door springs

After returning from dinner out one evening, my wife and I entered the house and then heard a loud noise in the garage. We re-opened the door and looked in and saw nothing out of place; no shelves crashed down nor garden tools fell over. The next morning we found out what happened. The automatic garage door opener would not open the door more than about a foot and then it reversed. I disengaged the opener and tried to open the garage door manually, but it seemed to be stuck. Then Deborah noticed that the right torsion spring above the door...

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Porting Web from VS2005 IIS6 to VS2008 IIS7

 I am porting a VS2005 web site from Visual Studio 2005 IIS6 to Visual Studio 2008 (Beta 2) IIS7 on Vista and have encountered several issues. I am doing this in several steps to ease the migration headaches. Move the web application project web site from IIS6 (Windows Server 2003) to IIS7 (Vista Business). Bring up the web solution in VS2008 to do the conversion. Change each project in the solution to use Framework 3.0 (and verify functionality) Change each project in the solution...

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How I fixed an "Error Performing Inpage Operation" Blue Screen reboot loop

On a laptop, attempting to boot up resulted in a brief error and return to the reboot sequence. Selecting safe boot, did not help nor did attempting to go back to a previously good boot. At some point, I saw the inpage error message. The problem was that somehow, the C: drive got corrupted. The D: drive (partition on the same physical drive) is used as a GateWay recovery partition and it was OK, so I know the drive itself was OK; just the C: partiton was messed up. I did not want to re-install using the D: drive (by hitting F11 at boot)....

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How I solved Brother 420CN "No Cartridge" Error

My Brother 420CN printer said Low Ink or No Ink on some cartridges and I tried just pulling them out and putting them back in since they all still had at least 1/2 a tank of ink. After closing the cover, the LCD showed No Cartridge instead of asking me which carts were replaced. I couldn't get rid of the message except by unplugging the printer but then it went back to the No/Low errors. The solution is to: Unplug printer Open and remove all carts Plug in with cover...

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How I Upgraded my HD Tivo from 20 to 98 hours

I bought a new HD Tivo (not to be confused with the older Series 3 Tivo though they are similar). I contacted Comcast to get the cable cards installed (it took 3 visits). The cable cards plug into the HD Tivo and eliminate the need to have a separate cable box. The next step is to increase the hard drive capacity to hold more recordings. The HD Tivo comes with a 160GB drive and this project replaced it with a new 750GB drive to increase from 20 HD hours of recordings to 98. My upgrade today went smoothly. I started with WinMFS...

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How I Fixed a USB "Unknown Device" Error

My son's printer stopped working on his Gateway laptop. When plugging into any USB port, the generic "Unknown Device" error balloon displayed in the tray area. I tried other cables, printers and even USB Drives and all got the same error. The printer was immediately recognized in a desktop, even though there were no drivers installed for it. I had tried uninstalling the Unknown Devices from the Device Manager and even the USB Hubs and Host Controllers then forcing a "scan for hardware devices" to get them re-installed. Plugging the printer back in still resulted in the Unknown Device. I eventually tried...

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How to enable the Microsoft Installer logging

Sometimes, when installing software that uses the Microsoft Windows Installer, it fails with some sort of cryptic error message. Enabling generation of the log file may give you insights to the reason for the failure and hope to resolve the issue. To enable logging: Run regedt32 Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer Create REG_SZ with name "Logging" and value of "iwearucmpvox" (turns all logging on) Create REG_DWORD with name "Debug" and value of 2 Download and run DebugView from Microsoft Sysinternals site Rerun the install The debug...

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Three-year old Zakai after leg cast removed

Zakai, my grandson, on YouTube. He had broken his leg at a playground and had a cast for 5 weeks. Jeremy is interviewing him.  After getting the cast off. He had no strength in his leg and could not walk yet.

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How to install a Vista x64 network printer...

I have an Epson printer on my Windows 2003 Server. I want to use that printer as a network printer on my x64 Vista PC. I attempt to add the network printer to my Vista and get this error: "The server for the 'EPSON Sytlus COLOR 880' printer does not have the correct printer driver installed...." The solution is to install the driver locally as the first step and connect to the remote network port as the second step. In my case, the Epson is an in-the-box driver. The actual printer does not have to be plugged into the local PC. Next, go into the new...

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JP1 Universal Remote Controls

I recently got rid of my 30-year old Pioneer stereo system (via Broward's FreeSource). My new receiver is a JVC RX-D702B which has updated connections (SVideo, Component, HDMI, TosLink) and lots of other stuff to be the hub of my home theater. To control my system, I use a universal remote that can be programmed from a connection to my PC. I have been using Radio Shack's 15-1994 for years but recently bought a couple of All For One URC-8910 remotes. Both support the programming connection. Open the battery compartment and you will see a 6-pin connector. This is called a...

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eCost Fiasco ordering JVC Receiver

This is an email thread on my order of a JVC Receiver from (via ---- Thank you. Friday, I gave up waiting on eCost Customer Service and just placed a second order to be overnighted. I received it the next day (a Saturday). I appreciate the credit on the initial unreceived order. I think eCost should credit me the shipping charge on the 2nd order (about $20) for all the grief I had, but I am not holding my breath.   The full odyssey of this incident will be published on my blog and/or shopper forums – stay tuned.   Thanks again, Gary Davis   From:...

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Tip: Web log extraction using DOS FIND

Here’s a useful trick for working with the huge web log files.   Use the DOS "find" command to extract the records of interest, usually an IP works but a timestamp could also. Then you wind up with a smaller subset file that is easier to work with. Find is like the Unix grep.   D:\usage\W3SVC242754246>find "" ex051201.log > x.txt   ---------- EX051201.LOG 2005-12-01 06:43:39 W3SVC242754246 ALLXLWS1 GET /WXLogin.htm - 80 - HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.0;+.NET+CLR+1.0.3705;+.NET+CLR+1.1.4322) si=webxmi - 200 0 0 1852 427 328 2005-12-01 06:43:47 W3SVC242754246 ALLXLWS1 POST /WebXM/Login.aspx url=/Default.aspx 80 - HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.0;+.NET+CLR+1.0.3705;+.NET+CLR+1.1.4322) si=webami;+sdc_standard_pool=2701264908.20480.0000

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