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SMRC M21 Low Cost GPS Drone

SMRC-M21_DroneThis under $100 drone (from AliExpress) is my first drone to try out and learn to fly without worrying about losing or crashing it – for example, an expensive DJI Mavic drone.

My first attempt resulted in a crash landing inches from the backyard lake. My second attempt, the drone went over the lake and through a fountain before crashing in the lawn. I think I have to pay better attention to the breeze since it is such a light-weight drone.

After ordering from China and waiting for it to arrive, I asked the seller for a pdf of the user manual to get a head start on how to use it. I shortly received it in English as image files. This was fortunate since when the drone arrived, the user manual with it was all in Chinese.

I edited the image files I received into an easier to read pdf file which you can download from here. There are lots of typos and mis-translations in this document. For example, where you see drip (or tick), instead read beep. As in “When the remote control made a drip, …

The Android/iPhone app to download to your phone is named LP GPS PRO. I have not tried all the functionality yet and on occasion, it will crash requiring a restart.

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