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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How I solved "Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment? (H0033)"

First of all, don’t stress! These instructions will most likely get you up and running with your 4D, 5D, 6D or other dongle-controlled program in short order.


My wife asked me to install her Viking embroidery “5D” software on her Surface Pro PC so she could use the touch tablet and pen to do graphics drawing and editing in the Design Creator.

The software is protected by requiring the user to have a USB dongle plugged in when running the program.

Installation went through normal software install and then it also had 3 updates to install. Two of the updates seemed to end with an error, perhaps because I did not reboot the PC after each (it was not clear whether or not to do this). At any point, running the program with the dongle installed resulted in the H0033 error.HASP Dongle

I tried doing a repair install and also install of drivers (from the main install menu) – neither helped.

Searching on this error showed several hits saying to go to the windows Services and enabling the HASP License Manager (or Sentinel HASP License Manager) but in my case, I did not have the HASP entry in Services.

I looked in the Device Manager and saw an error for the HASP device and its properties said the device driver was not installed. Doing an Uninstall followed by a Scan for New Hardware did not help.

Some posts said to try to go to this url in your browser: http://localhost:1947 but that just displayed an error. Normally, this would display the HASP SRM Admin Control Center.


I eventually found a post to download the HASP SRM Runtime drivers zip file at (or use the link below). Installing this did solve the H0033 error. Also, once installed, the dongle light was lit and the http://localhost:1947 worked.

From the download page, I chose to install the Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer. The zip file contains a Readme file and a HASPUserSetup.exe file. Run the exe file to start the installation. It’s pretty quick. 

Here is a copy of HASP SRM Runtime download zip file for your convenience:

When I installed the driver, I did not have the dongle plugged in. After the install, I tried going to the the localhost url above and it worked (displayed a page, not an error). I then plugged in the dongle and it lit up and the localhost url displayed more mildly interesting information.

Read the feedback (over 100 posts) and you will see virtually everybody is successful with this procedure. Please post feedback on your results.

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