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How I Ported a Windows Phone 7 App to WP8

I completed the porting of my Tivo Net Remote app last week from WP7 to WP8 using some ideas from the Nokia Porting Guide. It was published yesterday.

I opened the source code solution using the new SDK and verified it compiled. There were minor changes I wanted to get in. One was to remove the Performance Progress Bar from the toolkit and use the native Progress Bar which was fixed to be like the toolkit version.

I then created a new project in the solution for the WP8 version. I used the copy-as-link on all the source files, though I did compare the differences in the App.xaml to manually migrate some of the lines of code in the .cs. There were a few files, I think tile images, that did not work with the link technique so I copied the files to the new project. The problem seemed to be in the packaging of the xap – the files just were not copied when they were links or something.

The App communicates with the TiVo using sockets and the WP8 has a really nice StreamSocket class I was able to use cutting down the comm code quite a bit for the WP8 version.

To submit the update, both xap files (WP7 and WP8) were uploaded to the Microsoft store. The re-certification process took four or five days.

I uninstalled my test version from my WP8 and searched the store for the new one and found it. The entry showed the Try and Buy buttons though I had purchased the WP7 version long ago. I clicked the Try to install it and it ran in trial mode. This did not make sense that I would have to buy it again.PortArticleImg1

I went to to see my purchase history and saw two entries for TivoNetRemote – one to Purchase/Reinstall and the other to simply Reinstall.

I uninstalled the app from the phone and clicked the web page link to reinstall (both entries have the same link/appid). The reinstall did wind up installing the full version so I did not have to re-purchase it. The appid is unchanged from the original.

PortArticleLogWhen someone runs the app, it sends a message to a web service to log some info (max of once per day) and get the app settings.             

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