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Friday, May 4, 2012

How to recover space from your Android-imaged SDCard

When using a (Micro)SDCard created in Windows for an Android boot, partitions are written to it in a Linux format that Windows does not completely understand.

I did this when rooting my NookColor with CyanogenMod 7. My 8GB card was imaged using the Win32DiskImager tool that takes an IMG file and writes it to the card, laying down various partitions, including one standard Windows partition of about 130MB. This basically hides the remainder of the card from Windows but boots up my NookColor into Andriod just fine.

Well, eventually, you need to recover the card to use in Windows again. You can't use the Windows format command since that will only empty out the small partition. Normally, partitions can be deleted using the Computer Management program (under Disk Management). You select the SDCard volume and right click the partition and delete it.This did not completely work - some partitions did not have the delete option.

To actually delete the partitions, drop down to the command line (run as administrator, just in case). Run diskpart.When the prompt displays, run these commands.

DISKPART> list disk      [lists all the disks on the system]

DISKPART> select disk n      [carefully select the disk that is the SDCard for the following command]

DISKPART> list partition      [lists all the partitions of the selected disk]

DISKPART> list disk      [lists all the disks on the system]

DISKPART> select partition n      [select a partition to delete]

DISKPART> delete partition      [delete the selected partition]

[At this point repeat the list, select and delete commands for each partition

DISKPART> exit      [exits diskpart] 

At this point, I used Disk Manager to create a new partition, assign a drive letter and format the partition to FAT32. This can also be done with DISKPART create partition and assign commands.

Diskpart commands


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