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Log Your Website Visitor Out of Facebook

One of my webs lets the user authenticate using the Facebook OAuth 2.0 Graph protocol. When the user clicks the Logout button, a call is made (Http redirect) to Facebook to have it log the user off Facebook and my site and then it returns to my site to display my page with the button now showing Login instead of Logout. The user never sees any Facebook page during the logout.

The way this works is to pass a parameter to Facebook that indicates the url to return to when it is done. A few weeks ago, this stopped working. Instead of returning to the specified url, Facebook logged out the user but displayed its own page. It ignored the return url parameter.

The return parameter is specified as next=.

I posted a Facebook bug and someone did reply with a solution. It did not immediately work for me but with some experimentation, I found out the needed syntax.

This does work if you do it right. I tried some variations and some work and some don't. By "work", I mean the redirect will log you out and it will return to your url in the "next" parameter.[]&access_token=[current_token]

  1. Use https, not http - it won't return if you use http (for
  2. Supply the access_token parameter - it won't return if omitted
  3. Both and appear to work
  4. Supply or omit the &confirm=1 parameter (some folks mentioned it). It worked either way
  5. UrlEncode the next parameter if necessary (contains question marks, ampersands, equal signs, etc.)
  6. I passed &next=http://localhost:5000/ - final slash is not required but recommended.

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