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How I Redeemed a PayPal Plus Rewards Voucher

I signed up with a PayPal Plus MasterCard some time ago and started to accumulate some rewards points. When I went to investigate how to redeem my points, I found out there were some pretty unusual restrictions. Instead of buying an item from a catalog and applying the points, the PayPal credit card rewards is based on vouchers that may be redeemed during some site’s PayPal checkout process. There are three vouchers – $7 to be applied to shipping for 1000 points; $25 for an item for 2500 points and $100 for an item for 9500 points.

Vouchers must be used within 60 days or you lose them. Also, not all websites that take PayPal support payment via voucher. Searching the Internet, I saw may postings about people having trouble finding out how and where to redeem these vouchers. It turns out that a website that I am familiar with does work with the vouchers. It is which sells CDs, DVDs, games and accessories which is a great way to use your rewards and not lose out of your redeemed voucher value.

bioh0Basically, you first go to the PayPal site, log on, click on the View card details link on your My Account Overview page. Click on the Rewards link on the left to select the voucher you want. In this example, I plan to buy Avatar on Blu Ray with a $25 voucher.

Once you get the voucher, the 60-day count-down starts. The voucher is not something you see, or a number you have to copy down. It is tied to your PayPal account and will be available for you to apply during checkout.

I had heard there was a delay in being able to use the voucher but in this case, I was able to complete my checkout immediately using the voucher.


Now that you have the voucher, go to the BIOH website. Search for the item(s) you want and add them to the cart. The voucher will be used up in this purchase so you want to make sure your cart has enough stuff in it so you don’t lose any value from your voucher. Any amount over the voucher value will come from another PayPal funding source like your PayPal balance. This includes shipping and sales tax.

Click to checkout and when you see the PayPal Express Checkout button on the second checkout page, click it instead (see image on right) of entering you address information and going through with the standard checkout. Standard checkout will not give you the opportunity to use your voucher but Express Checkout will.


You will now be redirected to PayPal to log on and select the shipping address and payment information.

When you have the opportunity to select the payment method, click the link to Enter gift certificate, reward or discount as shown on the left. This will open up the entry panel and you now click on select from this list. Your voucher(s) will show up to allow you to make your selection and click the Apply button.

At this point, you will continue with the checkout process at the BIOH website.

You can go back to your PayPal account and see details of the transaction such as the amount redeemed from the voucher (hopefully all of it) and any balance pulled from your PayPal account or other funding source.

I understand that the PayPal Plus credit card may be changing the rewards program to use a more traditional approach rather than the voucher system. I am not sure if existing accounts will be changed over or how this is to be implemented.

In any case, this is one place that you can use your rewards. Other sites that offer Express Checkout probably also will work just fine. Please leave comments on other sites that can be used for reward redemption.

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very informative post, i like it. thank you.
12/11/2012 1:18 AM | Jessie Delrio

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