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How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

Yesterday, there was a major computer room power outage at my company. All Internet connectivity was down. Even the phones were not working. Fortunately, our websites failed over to our business continuity site without a hiccup.

However, everybody at their desks had nothing to do since even internal network connectivity was affected. My desktop computer is actually a laptop which I had configured to use my Blackberry as a tethered modem to allow Internet access when traveling. I plugged in my BB, started up the Desktop Manager, clicked the Start->Connect To->Blackberry Bold 9700 and was quickly connected to the outside world. People walking by my office looked in and saw me typing away and raised an eyebrow. Power was restored 5 hours later and the servers all back to normal in another 5 hours.

This is the way I configured my system. My laptop is running Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit) which is similar to Windows 7. A similar procedure may work to tether other cell phones that have a data plan though the parts about Desktop Manager will not apply.

Install the Desktop Manager (DM) software (click here or search Google to locate the download). This will install a modem named Standard Modem assigned to a com port.

There is a setting needed for the Standard Modem. Go to Control Panel->Phone and Modem. Modem tab. Select Standard Modem and click Properties.


Click the Advanced Tab and enter this string into the Extra initialization commands field:


I have also seen isp.cingular used in some postings I have read, so if you have problems, you can try changing the above command. Click OK to close out the dialog boxes.

I don’t remember if you have to add a Dial Up connection or if it is already done as part of the DM install. I named my connection “BlackBerry Bold 9700” (see image below). If necessary, you may have to run the Setup a New Connection procedure in your network center.

To connect, plug in your BB (or use Bluetooth if your laptop has it and you can get that working). Run the DM program; it should say it is connected and you can minimize it.

I connect using the Connect To link below or the connections icon in the tray. There are a few ways.


Click the Connect button and the DialUp displays:


The fields are already filled in. There is no need to change the defaults – even the user id and password can be left blank or whatever they are. The phone number to dial is *99# and should already be displayed.

You can click on Properties and change some settings so when you click to connect, it will dial automatically and not bother displaying the above step.


Click Dial. It will progress through a few steps (dialing, registering) and you will then be connected.


If an error code displays, various things could be wrong. Maybe you need the tether plan added to the Blackberry account; maybe the DM is not running or your BB is not connected, etc.

I just tried to close down DM with the connection still active and it looks like this is supported – you don’t need to keep it minimized:


If I try to connect without having DM running, I get this Error 692:


I get the same error code if DM is up but my BB is not plugged in to the USB cable.

I mentioned Bluetooth earlier. If you can get this working, it is really nice. My wife’s laptop has it and to connect, DM is not needed. I just click to connect for the connection and my BB may be on the desk or in the holster – it just connects and off you go. When connected (Bluetooth or USB), you still can make and receive calls without interrupting your connection.

Good luck!

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# re: How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

I am lost cos they are lot of steps to follow
6/26/2013 8:31 AM | gaonogeope madibanyane

# re: How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

I am lost cos they are lot of steps to follow
Pls try to make it simply
6/26/2013 8:32 AM | gaonogeope madibanyane

# re: How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

I tried that but when I want to connect to the internet it doesn't. So there's most probably something I'm doing wrong or the DM I have is an older version
11/20/2013 1:01 PM | Mo-Ash

# re: How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

Has it run at macbookpro?
2/28/2014 1:23 AM | arkan

# re: How I Use my Blackberry as a Laptop Modem

Please my laptop is windows 8.1 and I am using blackberry 9700....please how can I connect it to browse with the laptop I ave tried using the blackberry desptop software but it is not woking....kindly assits
9/10/2015 3:01 PM | bobo

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