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May 2008 Blog Posts

How I Solved Comcast's Block of my SMTP (Email) Port 25

I received an email from Comcast telling me that they are blocking my outgoing email: Dear Comcast Customer: ACTION REQUIRED: Comcast has determined that your computer(s) have been used to send unsolicited email ("spam"), which is generally an indicator of a virus. For your own protection and that of other Comcast customers, we have taken steps to prevent further transmission of spam from your computer(s). Comcast did provide information on configuring my email client to get it to work. It's not too difficult if you are simply sending email, however my setup is not normal. The fix is basically to modify the client...

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How I fixed my son's new laptop 160GB drive

My son bought a new 160GB SATA drive for his Dell laptop to replace the original 40GB drive. I used a USB adapter to connect the drive to the laptop and used Acronis V11 Home to clone the Dell drive to the new drive. After it completed the clone, I pulled out the old and installed the new and powered up. The drive started the boot and the Windows XP screen displayed and I thought we were home free! However, it blue-screened shortly after the Windows screen displayed. I booted to the setup bios and it showed the new drive as 40GB,...

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