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November 2007 Blog Posts

How I Enabled HTTP Compression on my IIS6 Windows Server 2003

IIS6 supports HTTP compression of the responses sent back to user's browsers but it needs to be enabled for this to be effective. Completely enabling compression is not obvious and if you think you are enabling compression by simply checking theĀ  "Enable" checkboxes on the Internet Service Manager (ISM) you probably are in for a surprise. These are the steps I used to get compression working and verify that what I did actually worked. I used the steps described in this DotNetJunkies link as my starting point. To verify that compression is working as expected on your server, use to...

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How I replaced my garage door springs

After returning from dinner out one evening, my wife and I entered the house and then heard a loud noise in the garage. We re-opened the door and looked in and saw nothing out of place; no shelves crashed down nor garden tools fell over. The next morning we found out what happened. The automatic garage door opener would not open the door more than about a foot and then it reversed. I disengaged the opener and tried to open the garage door manually, but it seemed to be stuck. Then Deborah noticed that the right torsion spring above the door...

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