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August 2007 Blog Posts

How I Upgraded my HD Tivo from 20 to 98 hours

I bought a new HD Tivo (not to be confused with the older Series 3 Tivo though they are similar). I contacted Comcast to get the cable cards installed (it took 3 visits). The cable cards plug into the HD Tivo and eliminate the need to have a separate cable box. The next step is to increase the hard drive capacity to hold more recordings. The HD Tivo comes with a 160GB drive and this project replaced it with a new 750GB drive to increase from 20 HD hours of recordings to 98. My upgrade today went smoothly. I started with WinMFS...

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How I Fixed a USB "Unknown Device" Error

My son's printer stopped working on his Gateway laptop. When plugging into any USB port, the generic "Unknown Device" error balloon displayed in the tray area. I tried other cables, printers and even USB Drives and all got the same error. The printer was immediately recognized in a desktop, even though there were no drivers installed for it. I had tried uninstalling the Unknown Devices from the Device Manager and even the USB Hubs and Host Controllers then forcing a "scan for hardware devices" to get them re-installed. Plugging the printer back in still resulted in the Unknown Device. I eventually tried...

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How to enable the Microsoft Installer logging

Sometimes, when installing software that uses the Microsoft Windows Installer, it fails with some sort of cryptic error message. Enabling generation of the log file may give you insights to the reason for the failure and hope to resolve the issue. To enable logging: Run regedt32 Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer Create REG_SZ with name "Logging" and value of "iwearucmpvox" (turns all logging on) Create REG_DWORD with name "Debug" and value of 2 Download and run DebugView from Microsoft Sysinternals site Rerun the install The debug...

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