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How to install a Vista x64 network printer...

I have an Epson printer on my Windows 2003 Server. I want to use that printer as a network printer on my x64 Vista PC.

I attempt to add the network printer to my Vista and get this error:

"The server for the 'EPSON Sytlus COLOR 880' printer does not have the correct printer driver installed...."

The solution is to install the driver locally as the first step and connect to the remote network port as the second step.

In my case, the Epson is an in-the-box driver. The actual printer does not have to be plugged into the local PC. Next, go into the new printer driver's properties; Ports tab. Click Add Port. Select Local Port and click New Port. Enter the UNC address of the remote printer as the Port Name (like \\server\Epson880).



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