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JP1 Universal Remote Controls

I recently got rid of my 30-year old Pioneer stereo system (via Broward's FreeSource). My new receiver is a JVC RX-D702B which has updated connections (SVideo, Component, HDMI, TosLink) and lots of other stuff to be the hub of my home theater.

To control my system, I use a universal remote that can be programmed from a connection to my PC. I have been using Radio Shack's 15-1994 for years but recently bought a couple of All For One URC-8910 remotes. Both support the programming connection. Open the battery compartment and you will see a 6-pin connector. This is called a JP1 connector and with a special cable, it connects to your PC's parallel printer port. Software allows uploading and downloading the settings of the remote. Other software allow device upgrades to be defined in case the remote does not know about your components.

There is a forum for those interested in JP1 programming at I was unable to locate a device upgrade for the new JVC receiver. The remote did have a code for JVC receivers (0074) but many of the buttons I needed did not work with that code. So, I built my own upgrade with virtually all useful buttons from the new receiver's remote for both the Radio Shack and the All For One remotes and uploaded it to the JP1 forum files section. You can find the upgrade here 

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