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January 2007 Blog Posts

JP1 Universal Remote Controls

I recently got rid of my 30-year old Pioneer stereo system (via Broward's FreeSource). My new receiver is a JVC RX-D702B which has updated connections (SVideo, Component, HDMI, TosLink) and lots of other stuff to be the hub of my home theater. To control my system, I use a universal remote that can be programmed from a connection to my PC. I have been using Radio Shack's 15-1994 for years but recently bought a couple of All For One URC-8910 remotes. Both support the programming connection. Open the battery compartment and you will see a 6-pin connector. This is called a...

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eCost Fiasco ordering JVC Receiver

This is an email thread on my order of a JVC Receiver from (via ---- Thank you. Friday, I gave up waiting on eCost Customer Service and just placed a second order to be overnighted. I received it the next day (a Saturday). I appreciate the credit on the initial unreceived order. I think eCost should credit me the shipping charge on the 2nd order (about $20) for all the grief I had, but I am not holding my breath.   The full odyssey of this incident will be published on my blog and/or shopper forums – stay tuned.   Thanks again, Gary Davis   From:...

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