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The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

My third WP7 app is now available in the Marketplace. Like the Tri-Rail app I released a few weeks ago, this is a useful app for riders of the Miami-Dade County Commuter Rail system known as Miami's Metrorail.

Miami's Metrorail App Home ScreenThe app will let you locate the nearest stations using the WP7's GeoLocation system to determine your current location. It will show the nearest station North of you and the nearest station to the South including the distance to the stations in miles.Miami's Metrorail App in the Marketplace

The list of all stations can be displayed and select one to see the details of that station such as the address and the times the trains will arrive during the day. There is a button to click to display directions to the station using Bing to help navigate you there.

The next arriving Northbound and Southbound trains are displayed with the number of minutes until they arrive.

Select one of the stops at the station to see information about that train and all its other station stops with arrival times.

There home screen has a button to display the Metrorail's mobile website which is really nice and adds a lot of useful information. The station information page displays connection informtion to local Metrobuses and the Metromover.

Finally, there is an info screen that displays some information, web page links and the About screen.

For more information, click the image to get to the marketplace and the app’s home page.

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# re: The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

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# re: The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

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# re: The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

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# re: The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

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# re: The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

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# re: The Miami's Metrorail App for the Windows Phone 7

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